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How to make the clothes you got for Christmas last at least until next year, by Kristin Wong

 It’s a good bet you ended up with some new threads under the tree this year. Clothing was the fifth most popular Christmas gift this holiday season, ahead of video games, jewelry and even alcohol, according to  a report by Nielsen.
And while you’ll probably end up in the return lines like everyone else, at least some of the clothes you got were probably serviceable enough to hold on to. Here are some tips to help it last at least until you can re-up next year.
1. Hold the dryer
It’s not just an old wives’ tale — the dryer can be bad for your clothes, as certain fabrics don’t respond well to the heat. A study fr ...

Tuesday Freebies – Free 15 Pound Bag of Dog Food, by Dacia Daly

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NYE Resolutions + DIY New Year’s Eve Confetti Fortune Pockets, by Grace Bonney

I can’t believe this year is coming to an end. I simply can’t. In a way I still feel like it’s early spring and I have a full year of work ahead of me, but in other ways I can see exactly where the time went. It’s been a year full of ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, and so many life and work lessons that I feel like our little team could write a book about what we’ve learned this year. As much as I want to recap all my favorite things from this year, I think 2013 was a year where I learned that I can’t control, edit and neatly present all the things I wish I could. It’s been a year of incubation in some ways, where we really learned t ...