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How Cruise Ships Fill Their Unsold Cabins

Never Considered a Cruise?
Here’s Why You Should Think Again
A luxury cruise is one of life’s pure joys.  Today’s modern cruise liners are engineering marvels; floating 5-star hotels that offer the best service, accommodation, cuisine, and activities.  They visit exotic locales, with non-stop relaxation or stimulation, depending on your pleasure.
Over the past few years, cruise companies have spared no expense and literally invested billions in jaw-dropping super ships.  Even if you’ve cruised before, you probably have not experienced anything like these new marvels.
But, the best news is that due to the slowdown in travel caused by the recession an ...

Have a Fun and Budget-Friendly Winter Break, by Dacia Daly

The great part of winter break is that you have tons of free time. You should use this time to enjoy the holidays and visit friends and family, but you can also take advantage of this break to make your time back at school less stressful. By mixing equal parts work and fun, you can make the most of winter break without feeling like you missed out..and without breaking the bank.
Here are five tips to have an exciting and budget-friendly winter break.
Work Part Time Jobs – There has always been debate about whether students should work during college but this does not apply to breaks. Winter and summer breaks are a great time to save money for the school ...