27 Things Your Daughters Should Know by Age 10

Looking back, what do you know now that you wish you’d known sooner?  What do you still not know and wish someone had taught you?  We all want what’s best for our girls, and we do the best that we know how.  Young children’s brains are little sponges, soaking up everything they experience.  Teach your daughters what they need to know while they’re still young, and they’ll thank you when they reach your age!
1. They may dress like princesses, but they’re no damsels in distress.
Every girl has her favorite princess.  (Mine is either Ariel or Sleeping Beauty. Does Mulan count?)  But real life isn’t alw ...


You’ve heard of taking a “selfie,” in which you take a picture of yourself and post it to social media. You might even be an avid fitness fanatic and therefore have even taken a “runfie,” which is the popular term for a photo of yourself before, during, or after any serious exercise effort. But if stealing smartphones with the intent of dumping their data and reselling them is your idea of a hobby, you’ve got a whole new photo op waiting for you: the “theftie.”
Thanks to extra measures being developed and marketed by cell phone manufacturers and security companies, your phone may now be able to take a photo of the thief who stole it and email ...

Raising rabbits as pets

Rabbits make excellent pets for country homes that don't have the space for larger livestock
Rabbits are fairly easy animals to raise, since bulk of their diet is fresh grass hays such as wheat, oat, brome, coastal, or Bahia. Smaller rabbits, such as Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Dutch, and the American Fuzzy Lop, are particularly well-suited to homes with children. They're light enough for a child to handle easily and they love to be lavished with attention. In fact, many people say raising a rabbit is a lot like raising a kitten. Both cats and rabbits have the same kind, yet aloof temperament.
Radio Interview Source: Richard Gehr, American Rabbit Breeders Association&nb ...

10 Unintentional Lessons My Wife And Daughters Taught Me About Life

The thought of raising a daughter really scared me. I knew that relationships between fathers and daughters and the bond they form are often talked about as among the most important of their lives, and I wasn't sure if I was strong enough for the challenge.
I remember the day like it was yesterday: Four years ago, my wife and I walked in to get the ultrasound to determine the sex of our second child, and when the technician announced that we were having a girl, I went into shock. My wife says that it lasted about an hour or so, but I really don't remember. I do remember trying the best that I could to process what I had just heard, but after that, it's all a blur.
When my daughter was born ...