Have a Fun and Budget-Friendly Winter Break, by Dacia Daly

The great part of winter break is that you have tons of free time. You should use this time to enjoy the holidays and visit friends and family, but you can also take advantage of this break to make your time back at school less stressful. By mixing equal parts work and fun, you can make the most of winter break without feeling like you missed out..and without breaking the bank.
Here are five tips to have an exciting and budget-friendly winter break.
Work Part Time Jobs – There has always been debate about whether students should work during college but this does not apply to breaks. Winter and summer breaks are a great time to save money for the school ...

NYE Resolutions + DIY New Year’s Eve Confetti Fortune Pockets, by Grace Bonney

I can’t believe this year is coming to an end. I simply can’t. In a way I still feel like it’s early spring and I have a full year of work ahead of me, but in other ways I can see exactly where the time went. It’s been a year full of ups and downs, challenges and triumphs, and so many life and work lessons that I feel like our little team could write a book about what we’ve learned this year. As much as I want to recap all my favorite things from this year, I think 2013 was a year where I learned that I can’t control, edit and neatly present all the things I wish I could. It’s been a year of incubation in some ways, where we really learned t ...

Breaking Up With Starbucks, by Alyssa Brennan

Ever since Starbucks has turned into Gun Nut Central I no longer fall in line there with the rest of the weekend yoga-pantzerati for my non-fat, no-foam latte.  Instead I opt for the hipper Peet’s Coffee.
Going to Peet’s is not convenient. Peet’s is located five crucial, pre-latte minutes out of the way and features a soul-crushing parking experience to boot, but Peet’s has come out in favor of ensuring gun safety in their shops so I view the weekend parking hunger games as small sacrifice for the greater gun safety cause.
Coffee elitists like my husband claim Peet’s has superior coffee, so I looked forward to finally upgrading from Starbuc ...