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I just had it repaired, and now… Have you ever gone back to your repair shop after having some work done and reported to the technician that you just had so and so done and now a new symptom is rearing its ugly head? Maybe the first one had to do with starting trouble and the new symptom occurs when you turn the heater on. "I just had it in here a week ago," you tell the tech. That's like telling your dentist that he's fixed your toothache, but now your ankle hurts. The technician tries to explain that there is no connection between the first repair and your heater trouble. Like your tooth and your ankle, these are two different systems and components. The Car Care Council reminds us that a repair on an automobile, like the human body, cannot fix everything for all time. So get a repair facility with good technicians that you trust. All reputable shops have one goal: to fix it right the first time, because it's the only way for a repair facility to keep customers happy and stay in business. 1-2-3 AUTOMOTIVE takes pride in keeping our family of customers happy and smiling. We welcome you to join our family. Enjoy the comfort others have come to know from us always. For more information on automotive maintenance, repairs and enhancements, log on to www.carcarecouncil.org.


704 W Sunset Rd , Bldg D
Henderson, Nevada 89011
United States

704 W Sunset Rd , Building D
Henderson, NV 89011

Phone: (702) 310-5555
Fax: (702) 310-0311

Website: www.1-2-3automotive.com

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Fax: (702) 310-0311

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  • 1-2-3 AUTOMOTIVE takes pride in keeping our family of customers happy and smiling.


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(702) 310-5555

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