Montem Outdoor Gear


What started as a trekking pole originated by hikers, for hikers came to be a passion for developing, designing, and engineering the ideal ergonomic, and creative outdoor gear. Our mission is to give you the finest quality gear, for the best prices, with an effect of style, and a whole lot of resourcefulness. We quickly outgrew our living room in NYC, and transferred to an office in the city. What started off as a leisure activity was now a developed mission. We choose local hikers, trekkers, and adventurers to help us check the gear we spend months designing. Our aim is to present only the most outstanding gear. All montem gear is fully created by the Innovation Team in our NYC main office.


110 Wall Street
New York, New York 10005
United States


Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm

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(646) 846-8765

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