About Petfinder Petfinder is an online, searchable database of animals who need homes. It is also a directory of more than 13,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Organizations maintain their own home pages and available-pet databases. Our mission To use Internet technology and the resources it can generate to: Increase public awareness of the availability of high-quality adoptable pets Increase the overall effectiveness of pet adoption programs across North America to the extent that the euthanasia of adoptable pets is eliminated Elevate the status of pets to that of family member From the comfort of their personal computers, pet lovers can search for a pet that best matches their needs. They can then reference a shelter's Web page and discover what services it offers. Petfinder also includes classified ads, discussion forums and a library of animal welfare articles. Petfinder is updated DAILY. Organizations wishing to participate should register. A contact person should be responsible for direct communications with Petfinder. Only nonprofit organizations will be included (but Federal 501(c)(3) status is not necessary). Petfinder is made up of animal-care professionals and regular people volunteering for their local animal welfare organizations all working together to maintain active and accurate homeless pet lists. Most animal welfare volunteers have "real jobs" by day. The success and the magnitude of this project is largely due to their tireless efforts to make a difference. If you would like to help, let us know! You can find us at Email: If you have a Website and would like to help us promote shelter pets as the #1 choice for a new pet, you may right click on the logos below and save them for use on your home page. You may also want to check out our Featured Pet Module which allows you to show Petfinder pets from your community on your own home page.


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4729 E Sunrise# 119

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(908) 810-1976

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