10 Common Winter Wedding Myths


Do you still think that winter is not the best season for a wedding? In this article, we will debunk the most popular myths about winter weddings.

Myth 1: The ceremony can’t be held outdoor 

In winter, it is indeed somewhat more difficult to organize an outdoor ceremony in nature than in summer, but this does not mean at all that you will have to abandon this idea. Just warn your guests in advance to dress warmly, offer them warm blankets and warm drinks at the entrance, do not delay registration - and then it will become truly magical!

Myth 2. A winter wedding is too expensive

As a rule, winter weddings, on the contrary, are cheaper. Firstly, it is during the off-season that you will have the opportunity to get a good discount from wedding contractors or when booking a venue. And secondly, you can save on decor by using New Year's garlands, spruce twigs, cones and other natural decor in your decoration.

Myth 3. The choice of the bride's outfit is very limited

You don't have to buy a long sleeve dress if you don't want to. The image of a winter bride can be anything: from royally luxurious, with a fluffy skirt and an elegant fur coat, to cozy and informal, with a warm long coat and knitted accessories.


And if the wedding takes place in a hotel or restaurant, you can even choose a short sleeveless dress or an outfit with an open back, because the room will have a comfortable temperature.

Myth 4. You have to give up your favorite flowers

Of course, in summer, many flowers are cheaper and much easier to find than in winter. But you don’t have to give up beautiful flowers at all if your wedding is scheduled for January. Gone are the days when white roses with cotton were the only option for a winter bride's bouquet - now florists offer luxurious ranunculi, elegant anemones, delicate gerberas, and even succulents!

Myth 5. A wedding photo session should take place indoors

Why hide from snow and frost in a photo studio if you can walk through a snow-covered park or go to nature? Of course, the time of the photo shoot will have to be limited, but you can bask in each other's arms or wallow in snowdrifts! Talk to your wedding photographer about possible locations.

Myth 6. You need to stick to the winter palette

Don't limit yourself to classic golds and silvers, don't be afraid to go for a bright and fresh palette! Remember that winter has a great variety of colors: white, red, green, blue, blue. And if you want, add bright unexpected colors, such as pink or yellow, or play with shades: instead of red and green, use dark burgundy and emerald, and instead of gold, warm shades of orange. The main thing is that the color scheme is harmonious.

Myth 7. Guests will not like a winter wedding

Most likely, just the opposite: many of your guests have already been to classic summer weddings more than once, and the winter celebration will be a new experience and an unforgettable adventure for them. Make sure that they do not freeze, and pay attention to active winter entertainment in the program of the evening - believe me, no one will refuse to build a snowman or play snowballs!

Myth 8. The decor should have a Christmas theme

Of course, this is a fairly popular concept for winter celebrations, but you should not mix a wedding with the New Year. Let the Christmas tree shine with bright lights at Christmas, and on the wedding day, it is better to choose decor that will emphasize the interests and characters of the bride and groom, as well as complement the wedding venue.

Myth 9. Difficulties with the menu

There is a myth that the choice of menu at a winter wedding is very limited. But each season has its own products that become more affordable. For example, in winter, a luxurious fruit table with oranges, tangerines, pomegranates and kiwis will be waiting for guests. In addition, winter is a great time for a variety of pies and hot dishes that would seem too “heavy” in summer.

Myth 10. Organizing a winter wedding is harder 

Each season has its own characteristics that should be considered when organizing a holiday. It is hot in summer, rainy in autumn, and frosty in winter, which limits the stay of guests on the street, which means that most entertainment, like the dance floor, will have to be arranged indoors. Gather a team that has experience in winter celebrations, and then preparing for the wedding will be only a joy for you!