6 Weighty Reasons to Sell Your Junk Car and Buy a New Vehicle


A car in every family is already an objective reality. This means that almost everyone at least once tried to decide for themselves: buy a completely new car or take it with history. And controversy inevitably arises in which supporters try to find out the truth. Alas, to no avail. 

Neither the omniscient Internet, nor the media, nor experts will help. 

Specialized magazines and portals are closely associated with car manufacturers and sellers, so they will sincerely defend their sales using all possible marketing techniques, and sites depend on advertisers, and even more, so they will side with the customer. In this article, we have gathered six weighty reasons to sell your junk car for cash and buy a new vehicle

Myths about new cars

There is a popular reason for buying a car from the factory: the parts of an old car are more worn out and therefore unsafe. In fact, they just play on the feelings of potential buyers. Let's see the statistics of road traffic accidents. Officially, an estimated 20,160 people died in motor vehicle crashes in the first half of 2021, up 18.4% over 2020. However, the total number of accidents amounted to 199,720. But it is hard to say how many cars cracked due to breakdowns. 

Sometimes the advantages of new cars include a warranty. For most buyers, this is a very important economic component. But here, too, not everything is so simple. The declared five years or 60,000 miles concern only the body, engine, and gearbox. These are very important nodes, but far from the only ones. For others, this period is much shorter. For example, for electronics - no more than a year, and some parts of the car do not come under the warranty at all. 

The latter, of course, is not 60%, as they write on the forums of motorists, but really a lot. Therefore, before buying, you should carefully study what exactly the manufacturer undertakes to change, and what you will have to fork out for. It is also worth remembering that you will also need mandatory technical inspections at a branded service station. They are just not free and usually much more expensive than similar services in regular service. 

Seven advantages of buying a new car 

As you can see, the arguments are not as concrete as they might seem at first glance. However, there are seven more obvious reasons to buy a new car. 

1. Breakdowns are rare 

It is really impossible to say that a new car is much safer than an old one. But the fact that they break less often is indisputable. If you take the car of a famous world auto concern, then for a year or two there will be no problems at all, even on trifles. With proper and careful use, of course. Failures happen, some models simply do not get out of the service station, but in general, there are fewer problems with them. And in order not to get into a mess, you can study the reliability ratings before buying. For example, from J.D. Power. Its experts evaluate not only the initial quality of the models but also their further operation. 

2. New cars - new technologies 

Progress does not stop. In recent years, it has not been particularly active in the automotive industry. Comparing the 1995 model with the current ones is like putting the first jet aircraft on the same scale as the MiG-25. Economical engines, new security systems have appeared, systems that help to drive a car have begun to be introduced. Only new items can boast of all this splendor. 

3. Car loan opportunity 

Banks do not like to lend to the purchase of used cars. At one time there was no such service at all. Today, despite the crisis, you can find credit institutions that will finance such an operation. But the conditions are unlikely to please: interest rates will be 3-5% higher. 

4. The car is definitely not stolen 

There are more and more cases when stolen or bought on credit cars are being sold. They are trying to deal with this, but so far it turns out badly. What is the threat? At the very least, you will have to give the car to the rightful owner and hope that someday the thief will be caught and it will be possible to demand compensation from him. If you are not lucky to run into a "credit" one, you will also have to deal with the bank. The only effective way to avoid all this is to buy a car directly from the factory. 

5. No lottery 

A backed car is always a risk. The buyer almost never knows the true story of the used car. As mentioned above, the car can be stolen. Another danger is broken cars, that is, recovered after accidents. And after the floods, there are so-called "drowned", that is, cars caught from the water. Their operation is a series of unpleasant adventures in various car services. 

6. You can choose a complete set and color 

When ordering a new car from a car dealership, you can completely customize it for yourself: choose a color to your liking, add the necessary accessories. There will never be such a variety on the market. Or vice versa, the car suits everyone, but the color is just absurd, and you have to overpay for the installed equipment. 

And the only minus 

We found the only minus of buying a new car, but it is quite significant: whatever you do and no matter how you count it, it will cost more than the used car. Price is an important factor. Quite frankly, it often outweighs everything else. But here everyone has to make a choice on their own.