7 Things That Could Be Caused by Right Side Abdominal Pain


Pain anywhere can be worrisome. The good news is that most causes are benign and temporary, for example, a pulled muscle, gas, or indigestion. Reach out to your healthcare provider if you’re concerned. And make sure you follow the given recommendations if you’re suffering from stomach pain in the morning.

Human anatomy is complicated, and there are a variety of explanations for right-side stomach discomfort, some of which are extremely dangerous. Problems with the gastrointestinal, reproductive, or urinary tract, among others, will draw your notice. Here's the possible culprits of abdominal pain.

1. Hernia 

A hernia is another possible culprit of right-side abdominal pain. This is a condition that occurs when tissue or an organ protrudes through the wall of a muscle. Hernias can also be caused by obesity or be hereditary. Old surgical sites are predisposed to hernias since the tissue there is weaker. Symptoms of hernia include pain when lifting, a dull ache in the area, and men may notice a bulge in their groin. 

2. Ovarian cyst 

Women have an ovary on each side of the uterus. Sometimes, fluid-filled sacs, known as cysts, can occur on an ovary. In most cases, ovarian cysts resolve on their own and women barely notice them. But cysts can be large enough to provoke pain, and if the cyst is on your right ovary, that’s where you’ll feel the ache. Visit your healthcare provider if the pain is sudden or severe or if you have fever or vomiting.

3. Indigestion 

Indigestion is often accompanied by a feeling of burning in your upper abdomen. This burning can move to your right side. Indigestion itself isn’t something serious until it becomes a constant problem. It might occur if you eat too fast, drink alcohol or coffee, or have eaten too many acidic foods like tomatoes, says the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). Such indigestion should disappear on its own, but if it keeps reoccurring over a period of two weeks, visit your gastroenterologist. 

4. Kidney stones 

Low back pain and lower abdominal pain are classic symptoms of kidney stones. Some people might notice that the pain radiates to one side of their abdomen. The pain can also spread to other areas which is a sign that a stone’s making its way through your urinary tract. 

5. Gallstones 

If the pain is in the upper right of your abdomen, it might stem from a gallstone, particularly if the pain gets worse after eating or comes on after a fatty meal. Gallbladder is an organ that produces bile that helps you digest the foods you eat. Your gallbladder can begin to make gallstones if you have high levels of blood fats, inadequate levels of estrogen, or obesity. 

6. Gas 

In most cases, gas-related pain is centralized or to the left. But sometimes it can radiate to the right side. It could be due to changes in your diet, eating foods that make you gassy, such as cruciferous veggies (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower) or beans. Gas will resolve with time. 

7. Ectopic pregnancy 

In rare cases, a fertilized egg can implant outside the uterus, often in one of the fallopian tubes. This process is known as ectopic pregnancy. This is actually only a problem for women of reproductive age. Other symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include abnormal vaginal bleeding and/or pelvic pain.