118 Roviras Road, COHUNA, Victoria 3568, Australia

AWMA Water Solutions

118 Roviras Road, COHUNA, Victoria 3568, Australia


Established 1st July 2000, AWMA have been delivering specialized water control infrastructure to domestic and now global markets for 20 years. We manage Water Control Gates, Pen-stocks, Stop-logs, Bulkheads, Flood Barriers and Self-cleaning Screens.

AWMA is an Australian company highly experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of water control infrastructure and water management systems. With the Head Office and Manufacturing Facility in Victoria Australia, and Regional Sales Manager New Zealand based in Christchurch, AWMA service the international market.

Water Control Equipment including Pen-stocks, Flood Gates, Flood Barriers, Stop-logs, Bulkheads, Sluice Gates, Stop-boards and Intake Screens (Fish Exclusion Screens, Trash Screens and Debris Screens), have been delivered into all sectors of Australia’s water industry, as well as international export projects for irrigation, flood mitigation, dam, energy, environmental, storm-water, mining and waste water applications.

AWMA have gate-specific design expertise, a dedicated design team, manufacturing facility and installation capacity all in-house. All of AWMA’s innovative solutions are customized to meet site specifications, utilizing proven designs with a variety of local and remote control and management systems.

Experience gained from the successful completion of many challenging water control projects have led AWMA to becoming one of the largest and most experienced water control solutions specialists with one of the most diverse range of products globally.

AWMA Water Control Solutions specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of innovative water and wastewater control infrastructure. Customized solutions also include pen-stocks, flood gates, bulkheads, stop-boards, trash screens, intake screens and fish exclusion screens.

AWMA service all sectors of the water industry, globally. Design consulting services are available to assist with gate selection, operation and technical specifications. All equipment is supplied under the ISO 9001 accredited quality system ensuring compliance with all applicable international standards, regulations and project-specific requirements. Visit our website to view previous projects and solutions for different applications.


118 Roviras Road, COHUNA, Victoria 3568, Australia
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